Muay Chaiya in MMA : War in the Cage 4

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On 8 June 2013 Petsingkorn Sit Kru Praeng, competed in the War In The Cage 4 amateur MMA competition at Thammasat University, Rangsit campus in the 61.2 kilo weight class. It was a one day tournament in which the champion had to fight three bouts.

In the first bout he fought Gonggriat, a Muay Thai fighter much bigger than him, but Petsingkorn attacked, Muay Chaiya style, in rapid fire combinations and controlled his opponent on the ground as well until his opponent tap out in the second round.

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In the semifinal bout, Petsingkorn faced Judo fighter Spartan. Petsingkorn was taken to the ground and was able to get to his opponent’s back and almost put him in a headlock. But his opponent protected himself well. Towards the end of the second round, Petsingkorn threw some rapid fire attacks. When the second round ended, his opponent threw in the towel. Another clean win.

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In the championship bout Petsingkorn faced Doze, a Karate/MMA fighter. As Petsingkorn was attacking in the first round, his opponent anticipated his attack and he was punched and fell but was able to quickly regain his feet before the referee could stop the fight. In the second round he got his opponent in a headlock, ultimately forcing him to tap out, and thus became the champion in the 61.2 kilo weight class.

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Our heartfelt congratulations to Petsingkorn Sit Kru Praeng, Muay Chaiya fighter, from the Siamyuth Center “Baan Kru Praeng”, on his win.


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